I’m thrilled to share my artistic and scientific talents with you.

There are aspects of the world that we can see, describe, grasp and count as well as those that remain numinous. My science attempts to grasp the former while my art manifests the latter. I embrace a world where rationale, reliable, and contemplative coexist with original, spontaneous, intuitive, and perceptive.

As a Scientist

I can help you transform and maximize your research and its positive impact on people’s lives. My scientific accomplishments include (1) creating a questionnaire to measure hot flash interference that is now used internationally, (2) pioneering the use of wearable devices to track hot flashes, and (3) testing treatments to help women manage their hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. I have been a Principal Investigator on federal and foundation grants (> $4.3 million), a key Co-investigator on federal grants (> $17.1 million), and co-director or mentor on federal training grants (> $8.3 million). My scientific writings include book chapters and over 175 peer-reviewed journal publications that have been cited over 9,600 times. My science is made possible through collaborations with over 150 colleagues from a wide variety of fields. Some awards I have received include: Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (2009), Midwest Nursing Research Society Distinguished Contribution to Research in the Midwest (2013), Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science Outstanding Nurse Scientist (2014), Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame (2016), Indiana Woman of Achievement (2017), and USA Today Influential Indiana Women of the Century (2020). I have experience as a research administrator at a top-ranked research institution and successfully competed against colleagues across eight campuses to achieve the highest rank the university confers, that of Distinguished Professor. The skills I can share with you are detailed on the next pages.

As an Artist

I can transform your world into a more beautiful place. I enjoy creating abstract acrylic and mixed media art in bold colors. The jewelry is made from pieces of my original, abstract paintings. Ear wires and necklace chains are typically argentium silver or stainless steel. Some of the products I can share with you are shown on the next pages and I am available to do commissioned artworks.  More artwork and jewelry is available for local Indianapolis area residents by appointment. I was one of 23 female artists whose work was featured at the fall, 2017 Indiana Be the Change Exhibit. Please contact me if you would like to see some sold artworks from my portfolio.

I have a special interest in combining my talents to transform the way scientific findings are shared with the public. As both scientist and artist, I can help you move beyond printed words in scientific journals to more aesthetically pleasing works that will engage and educate the public. I have a special knack for taking complex information and distilling it down to a visual representation. Please visit www.hotflashescool.com for information about my project that uses the creative arts to educate the public about menopausal hot flashes.