The Hot Flashes? Cool! Exhibit

Copyright © 2017 and 2023, Janet S. Carpenter

Janet S. Carpenter, PhD, RN, FAAN has created concept art for an educational exhibit about hot flashes. The exhibit art was scientifically shown to:
Challenge myths and misinformation
Provide accurate and culturally appropriate information
Spur dialogue
Motivate social action

Below is a preview of the exhibit – just two examples of the many pieces that make up the Hot Flashes? Cool! Exhibit.

Brightly Colored Natural Flowers

Brightly colored natural flowers on different areas of the body show where hot flashes are felt by women in different cultures. The flowers are a reminder of how women can bloom and blossom at menopause. The images normalize hot flashes as a natural part of life.

Information Overload

Each figure in the display case is dressed in period clothing by decade. The women stand next to stacks of papers. The stacks are proportional to the number of scientific articles about hot flashes that are indexed in the search engine. This display validates why many women feel confused or overloaded. Women were only ankle deep in information in the 1940’s whereas today’s woman is overwhelmed.